Are we attracted to people who look like us ? Have you ever been really attracted to someone… and then realise they strangely look a lot like you ? Yeah, it has definitely happened to some of us at Now Dating team which got us talking and wondering, why ? There is actually a few scientific reasons why we are actually attracted to people who like like us, or our parents. Yes, it’s weird but true. So forget all the ‘opposites attract’ nonsense and read on.

Take A Look In The Mirror

When looking for your lifelong partner, it might be useful to look in the mirror. A German Study supports the theory that people are attracted to those who are similar to themselves, including in appearance. They state that being able to comprehend another person’s intentions and emotions is essential for successful relationships.

In another scientific study, pictures of strangers were morphed with pictures of participants and other strangers. When the subjects were asked to rate the attractiveness of the portrayed people, they usually picked the image amalgamated of a stranger and themselves.

So, do we really just love ourselves then ? I know so many deep questions must be flying around your head, but bear with us. It seems a bit weird (and maybe even a bit taboo), but take a look at some of the most well-known celebrity couples.

Celebrity Lookalike Couples

To put the theories to the test, E Online put together their favourite celebrity couples. Starting with worldwide sweethearts and one of our favourite couples, Ryan Renold and Blake Lively. They have also put together famous basketball couple Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union as well as NFL legend Tom Brady and model wife Gisele Bündchen. 

We think there is definitely something to whether physical similarities exist between couples, but we will let you decide on that.

Couples That Stay Together…Morph Together ?

Yes that’s right ! The longer you are with your partner, the more your slowly start to morph. It’s called convergence of appearance, and scientists say its actually a good sign. Whilst science has shown that genetic similarity correlates with a happy marriage, we actually start to mirror our partners. It’s called unconscious mimicry and its meant to bond us to feel part of a group.

Chances are that you spend the most amount of time with your partner, so even if you don’t physically morph into one face, your style and mannerisms may converge. That being said, it doesn’t automatically mean you will start to think the same way.  A 2010 study shows us that even people who have been married for 40 years were just as different in their personalities as they had been at the beginning of the marriage…maybe attraction is only skin-deep?


Despite all the research, we think the question is still unanswered. Don’t be surprised if most people aren’t matched with their doppelganger, because, well, it’s a bit weird. We are sure it’s not top of the list when it comes to attraction, you probably want a partner who is kind, loving and understanding. We would love to hear your experiences on this subject.

Live in the momentNow.