We miss the old days when people would ask each other out, but we are also championing new ways of connecting.

Imagine a world where nobody is afraid to make the first move. One that is not defined by ‘what’s trending’. One where people aren’t afraid to connect with each other –  in real life and in meaningful ways.  Given the opportunity, we believe that everyone would make the first move… if it was only that easy. Well good news for all the dreamers, our new app makes it easier than ever to connect with real people in real ways. We will walk you through our awesome new features en route to helping you make the first move!

We all have a deep psychological need to connect with others. It is a fact. We want to find our tribe. It’s one of the rules of being human. Whilst the internet has brought us closer together, it has made us more distant than ever. Endless swiping, chats, emojis and half-hearted intentions. The internet has become diluted and the world of dating has suffered. We all deep down, just want to talk and connect with people, especially in the internet age. Now is here to make that happen. We are here to bring the real back in connecting 

Based on your interests and whether you have clicked – that’s what defines the basis of a real connection, no matter who makes the first move. 

Connections Not Matches/Likes/

Connections, not likes.

Let’s face it, there is only so much connection you can have with someone online. Meeting people in real life gives you a much better portrayal of their character. Heck, we even wrote a guide on how to survive your second date. Now Dating makes it super easy to actually meet people in real life. We challenge you to get out your comfort zone! You’ll probably have lots of fun on the way. After all, we are a dating nation…sort of. Brits on average spend £129 a date (combined). Whilst really don’t have to spend that much, Now lets you meet people locally. Our revolutionary algorithm saves you precious time by setting up matches based on your schedule. Grab a coffee after work and check that guy or gal out 😉

We are tired of all the fake profiles on dating apps. ~To be honest, everyone is. It’s actually getting out of hand, with stories like this woman who got scammed with a fake dating profile. We are bringing the ting to dating. No fake profiles, all of our users are verified and within a 3-mile radius by default.


No Time Like Now

Your life is busy. We get it. I am sure we are not the only ones that feel like that. But check this, with more of the actual free time we have being spent on our phones, tablets, and anything in-between, you can’t even eat a meal with friends… without one being on their phones. Worst yet, waiting to get the perfect picture before eating *sigh* To all of these people, we say the time is Now! The time to reconnect with our fellow humans, is now ! The time to go out of our internet bubble comfort zone is Now!

Our new app helps you do all of these things and more.  Our app easily allows you to propose an offline meeting. If the other person accepts, it’s a date. Simple, no swiping, no fumbling, no time wasting. We hope this gives satisfaction to those of us who are tired of wasting our time, energy and money.


 Stop Swiping, Start Life’ing

It’s time to stop swiping and start life’ing !

The best connection are made in real life, we covered how the internet is making people lonelier than ever.On average, people spend 90 minutes on dating apps a day. PAUSE. That’s 1 and half hours, the length of a football match. Is that really worth it ? It’s maybe time to take risks and actually meet that person for a drink. We have made this easier than ever, so you can stay local, and find your prince charming, or queen b.

For some, swiping is cool, and there’s a tonne of apps currently out there. But for those that want something different, something real, and something now, we provide a great alternative. You can set up and go in under 5 minutes, try it here. If you are going to make the first move, you may as well get out of your comfort zone and do it in real life. Trust us, it will save you a lot of time in the long run.