Being happy is not a destination.

Happiness is the journey. It is not an easy one, though.

Life throws curveballs all the time so you need to be prepared. There are also a number of things you can stop doing to help make happiness easier.


Dwelling on the past

We are all guilty of this.

However, continuing the theme of our previous blogs, we know by now that the past is out of our control.

We can only control the present and that is where our focus should be.

Similarly, dwelling on the past can lead to low self esteem. Accept your past. It’s happened. Move on.

Spending hours on social media

We recently talked about why you should look up from your phone and we think this couldn’t be more important in today’s society.

Try turning off push notifications for social media. Heck, leave your phone at home and go for a walk.

Whatever you do. Don’t be that person. Use your senses and live life.

Overlooking the small things

There are wonderful, awe-inspiring things all around us. Don’t miss them because your head is in your phone or you are too busy worrying about what happened 3 years ago.

Look up and take in nature, people and the small things that make the world so wonderful.

Holding grudges

This is a no brainer.

Similar to dwelling on the past, holding grudges is a waste of energy. Energy you could be using on enjoying the world and the present.

Angry at someone for something? Fallen out with an old friend over a relationship? Go and make up with them.

You can thank us later.

Forgetting to make time for the things you love

Christmas is approaching and we all start to think about all the things we wished we had done this year.

Wish you had called your grandparents more? Did you want to run a 10k but work got in the way of training? Had plans to start singing in the choir but didn’t make time for it?

Start. Now.

Don’t let the world get in the way of the things you love. Make time.

Getting in a routine rut

Sometimes life just happens. You feel like you are sleepwalking through a routine that is never ending.


Check yourself.

Spice it up a bit.

If you know you have a free evening once a week and normally get a takeaway for one – do something different. It is amazing how much this could brighten your week.

Live in the moment. Now.


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