It really is true, some people will absolutely love your smell!

Have you ever loved your ex’s smell ?  Can you smell your perfect other half ?

The sense of smell is a huge part of our world.  People spend hundreds of pounds on fancy perfumes, oils, body soap and aftershave. I mean who doesn’t want to smell nice ? The thing is these are artificial smells. We cover up our natural smells, but should we be doing the opposite ? 

As much as we hate body odour, we secretly love it too. It’s all got to do with pheromones.

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The smell of love

Science says that smell is the best marker of who you really are. Deep right ?

Reason being that your smell is linked to the same genes that determine your immune system, the major histocompatibility complex genes (MHC).On top of helping us find love, smell helps us maintain that connection with our partner. A study shows that when a woman is in love, her ability to identify other male friends’ smells decreases.

When not in love, she can recognise her male friends’ unique scents better. So the more you are in love, the less you give a damn about ‘other suitors’. Nice one nose.

Ready to party ?

Sniffing parties are actually a thing.

Yes you read that right. It’s part of ‘pheromone dating’. This trend sees people bringing a t-shirt they have slept in for 3 nights in a zip locked bag to the party. Your bag is assigned a number and separated in a pile. The final part is literally sniffing the t-shirts.

You take a pic of the one you fancy and get mingling. Alternatively, if that doesn’t sound too appealing, you can just download our app here.

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So there you have it. The nose can be central in helping you find the right partner.

Why don’t you ditch the Chanel No 5 and go au natural this week? Who knows, you could end up being sniffed by the love of your life.


Live in the moment. Now.

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